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I know there jerseys are great but not sure about there Semi Sub Pants thinking of getting a team order for next year just needing some info! Ive had in the past Boombah and Elite both boombah and elite pants where true to size and very durible never had any issues any input would help.



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I've got a pair, love them. Little long, but that was fixed with an easy hem. Very comfy, soft, and keeps me warm when it's in the 40's and 50's.......not too hot at all when it's 80-90 either.....

I'm hoping they last a while cause I love them. They should, they seem to be very well made

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I didn't like them. The material is thin but heavy, and they're pretty baggy. So they look kind of stupid, they hang straight down and then bunch up at the very bottom. Not at all like most baseball/softball pants with thicker, lighter fabric. The waist band is wide, so it rolls over and fits weird. I could see why fat guys would like them though.

I think they fit/look more like dress pants, without the pleats of course.

Definitely not the toughest material either. If you're sliding a lot, they tear up quick. Again though, if you're a team full of fat guys you'll be fine. No one is going to be sliding.

If you're athletic guys who dive and slide, you'll look terrible in them from day 1.


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I have 3 pair of pants from SnL, I have their very 1st generation pants(as I call them) and their most recent pants. Their 1st of pants,the material was very light but it felt heavy down around the ankle area. Their most recent pants are without some of the best pants I have ever wore,light weight and very durable. I play outfield so I need some pants that are light weight,durable and fit just loose enough where I can move freely in them. My newest pair of SnL pants I have had for 2+ years and they have no holes in them and I am always sliding.