Softball Cleats


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Hi, Everyone
I am a player of softball and searching for best softball cleats. Is anyone can suggest me better option for choosing softball cleats.
Waiting for your answers.


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Cleats for sports are a broad range of materials and fit. As you may know, not all people have the same feet. Not all people play the same positions on the field.

For the infield, baseball turfs and/or aggressive trail running shoes are usually enough. If you’re standing at first, you’re doing a lot less running than an outfielder who’s running (perhaps) on grass. That outfielder should have molded plastic cleats for increased traction and speed.

I’m big and heavy, but I run a lot and my feet and ankles are very narrow and small, albeit I still need size 13.5 shoes. I’ve had great luck with New Balance 4040v5 molded cleats. Also the Comp V3 molded cleats have been a great choice. My “go to” turfs have been the Harper 7 by under armour. I’m pretty sure any turf would work as long as they fit and they last more than a couple months. I say that because I have noticed that the cheaper turf shoes tend to fall apart fast; still usable but flimsy looking after a few months.

I suggest going to a sporting goods store for molded cleats, and perhaps an outdoor/hiking special store for turfs. Just try shoes on and you’ll be able to make the right choice.