Tell me about Kubota Sluggers. Size, model, leather, and quality.


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Find myself interested in a couple Kubota Sluggers webs. I want to know more about the quality, price range, best outfield model, leather, etc.

Thanks in advance for any information.


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I've heard nothing but good things about them. Both the mid and high level models. Prob gonna cost ya over $300 for a mid level and all I've seen are baseball IF and pitcher models. You should talk to dirty or samurai who are more familiar with this brand.


If you want an RTV...or a Kubota of any other sort besides a glove lmk....I sell the tractors, wish they where the same company so I could get the gloves for


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I've only handled the KSG models from Kubota Slugger. These gloves are top notch in leather and craftsmanship. Very light weight, with smooth steer hide leather.

If you are interested in an outfield model, look into the SPT (approximately 13"), SPX (12.75") or 23SE (12.25-12.5") models. All top notch patterns.

You should be able to purchase one from Japan for $400 or below. - Mike