Vinci 22 Series RV1923-22 12.5" hand stall size?


Hi all,

I am looking at a Vinci for the first time in order to have a dedicated softball glove. Love the idea of the wide pocket on the RV1923, but can anyone comment on the hand stall size? I have fairly small hands, so I want to avoid anything where my hand gets lost in the glove. Also, is the wrist lace adjustable? I'm used to a traditional open back where I can adjust the lacing down one size.



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I have a RV1923-22. I would categorize the hand stall as normal but because of the wide pattern, it may cause you to hold your hand in a spread position. Nor that's not necessarily a bad thing if you're used to holding your hand in that position. I know that I am but a lot of people aren't. I like it because it kind of makes you keep your glove open until you actually need to close it! As far as the back goes, it a modified open back & there is no way to adjust the wrist opening. The wrist opening is of average size. It's fitting of a glove that's designed to be an all-around softball glove serving both fast pitch & slow pitch.

If your hand is truly that small, you might be better off looking at one of their fast pitch gloves. Something like the RCV1250-22 with Velcro on the back that you can cinch down might be better for you. Both are great gloves.


Thanks for the replies. I ended up taking a chance and ordering the glove. I agree that the hand stall is a very average, universal size, which works out fine. The quality of the glove is great, I love it.