For Sale virus plague


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26 balanced wr combat virus plague. Bat is webbed up and gamer ready. Has a couple of paint flakes near the endcap. Its a xr-17 frame and target endcap. Looking for $50 shipped can text some pics


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Just putting it out there
He shipped 1st i have the bat .im happy but its been 4 days wont answer my pms or text
So its on record now, thats all..
Also how long do i wait tell its just a free bat??
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so I came to the conclusion I am just going to send the bat back 2 her.
its just sitting on the rack can swing it till the deal is gtg.
that is definitely hot Super webbed up.
never had a problem with some1 taking my money lol


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If you have his name & address just do a people search. That should give you his home phone number if he has one. Then you can talk to his family. If something has happened, they could probably use the money.


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Text y u got tricks for me to try
Just never had any bad deals so i want to make sure this doesnt end up 1