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I bought a 13 LV1 off a board bro this week bat was suppose to arrive yesterday, when I checked the tracking number it came up as dead mail. I talk to USPS and to make a long story short the package opened up and there was no bat inside when it checked in at a midpoint, so it was sent to the dead mail facility in Atlanta. They told me that the bat should have been sent there as well and I needed to fill out a dead mail forum and send pictures of the bat. Hopefully the bat turns up being a bright neon green bat it shouldn't be hard to miss. Has anyone had experience with this and actually recovered their item? If the bat isn't recovered what happens then do I take the loss of $230 life sucks and move on or should the sender have some fault in it? It sucks cause he is a G2G bro with Lots of deals so I have a hard time believing it wasn't packaged properly. thanks for the help


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I've had the exact same thing happen before. They seller was cool and refunded me my money. It totally sucks for the seller...


This is why they offer insurance. I've seen a lot of experienced guys around here harp on it and this is exactly why.
Have you talked with the the guy that you bought it from as to working out a deal to get your money back if the bat doesn't show up?


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Seller refunds you and deals with USPS to get insurance money and or bat back.


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We're going to wait a week to see if the bat is found then work something out. I have been in touch with him though but nothing has been said about a refund. He did mention that he had another LV1 but I don't know what he meant by that.


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Treat sellers on here the same as you would any other business. If they mess up or you dont get exactly what you paid for, make them make it right. The seller could just be having bud luck here but per board protocol;
He should refund today
he should files a claim with post office
he should take care of everything from here on out


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This exact same thing happened to me (being the seller) I had to refund the individual cuz bat was never found at the recovery center and about 3 months later after I opened my insurance claim I received a check for insurance plus the shipping cost. Be prepared to wait and be patient