LTB Youth Easton Omen LNC2XL or Combat Portent G3 31/21


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Looking for Combat Portent G3 (black and orange) 31/21, or a Eaton Omen LNC2XL 31/21 or 30/20..... or a Easton Mako 30" or 31"

I have some for trade or sale also., A Combat B2 da bomb 30/18, a Combat Pure 30/18, a Easton XL1 (silver hot one) 30/20.


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heres some of what i have



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does the B1 have any stamps on it? Is the G3 a youth bat? I thought they are only 2 5/8


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sorry here are the specs.
Combat B1 - Sr. League no stamp 30/20 with 2 5/8" barrel
Combat Pure - 30/18 LL cert.
Combat B2 - 30/18 LL cert., but do not know if its on ban list or not? bat is friggin hot!
Easton S1 - 30/18 LL cert.
Easton XL1 - 30/20 model YB11X1 - LL cert.

My opinion on ranking of bats.
1. Easton XL1, super freakin hot! end loaded.
2. Combat B2, lotsa pop, great balanced bat!
3. 3 way tie for 3rd, the Pure, S1, and B1 are all great bats with lotsa pop, all balanced bats!
Can't go wrong with any of these 5 bats, all are hot!!
Buy them here for discount before i put them on Fleabay!