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  • Need some help with a deal with Bagz. If you can help message me or text me at 6072068875
    I'll see what I can do .. send me details
    I sent a bat to Teddy Lambert with the understanding of trading bats. His address is 329 Sixth Avenue West, Huntington, WV 25701. When I mailed the bat, I inadvertently put the zip code as 25704. Teddy Lambert told me he never received the bat. I went to the post office and was told that the zip code was within the same town and that if the zip code was incorrect, it would be scanned, corrected, and sent to the correct street address. I have a tracking number and the bat was delivered. I have put in Teddy's address in the white pages with each zip code and the white pages go to Teddy's address. Teddy had sent me a bat and, because he said he had not received the one I sent, I returned Teddy's bat back to him. I feel that because the postal service confirmed delivery of the bat I mailed, and with the information provided by the white pages, Teddy did receive the bat I sent, and is ripping me off. Can you find out the truth? Thanks!
    Sponsorship Letter
    About a year ago someone had a great letter they were passing around. Does anyone remember who that was, or have a copy of it?


    I came across the thread where you were sending people sponsorship letters. Could you send one my way? [email protected]

    Thanks alot!

    hey bro can you please clear my name on this forum? there is TONS of proof that PDjoe/rightsideswine lied on this board to accuse me of damage that he did himself to a bat i sold him. he did not want it after causing the damage, AND his story kept changing. that dude tried to screw me. even his CC company REVERSED the innitial reversal in my favor AFTER TONS OF CONTENT & POSTINGS OF HIS & OTHER MEMBERS WAS REVIEWED MORE CLOSELY. That jerk tried to straight up screw me. please clear my name. go search those threads & u will find specific posts where he contradicts himself, then tries to talk his way out of it. seriously this guy tried to screw me & HE is the BAD DEALER. please take care of this.

    thx i hope,

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