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  • I used to swing a M7598 - Sports Authority version. It was a replacement for the one I broke a few years ago. A couple years ago I was swinging Mizuno Frenzy Extreme 2 (white and red) - I broke that early last year and got a Craze in return. So I let the team I played with last year swing it to help break it in. This year I pretty much only swing that unless I am playing ASA - then I borrow a buddies Recoil. I love Mizuno!!
    I bought a Titan Reload that I haven't swung yet and a 2012 Mayhem Reload. That has about 225 swings on it mostly off a tee. I'm excited for both. What kind of Mayhem are you swinging?
    I play with Oak Haven at the airport fields on Tuesday and with a co-rec team from work on Thursday. I play SS, 3rd, LF and LC depending on who shows up and what we need. I've got good range in the outfield and good leather on the infield. Just bought a couple of bats off ebay, working on breaking them in!
    I am playing in White Bear every Tuesday (most of that team is the tournament team) and then at Povs on Thursday nights. So I am playing plenty. I occassionally sub on Wednesday nights with a team I played with last year also.

    Who are you playing ball with and what position are you playing?
    I'm just doing the personal banker thing. It's nice to be into the loans now and not limited to checking, savings and CDs. Sounds like your doing pretty interesting work. Do you play on a regular team with these guys or just sub sometimes?
    Yes, I am still enjoying working at Questar. I recently switched roles and am now doing suitability review. Interesting to review potential sales. What are you doing at US?
    Pretty good. Working at US, and enjoying it. I play usually two nights a week as well. I am jealous about the tournaments. I don't know if I would have time, but I would love to get into that sometime. Are you still enjoying the job?
    Hey there Mike! I am doing well thanks. Passed the series 7 and 24 last year...... Playing ball 2 nights a week and toruney's about 2 - 3 times a month. Lifes pretty crazy, but I am enjoying it. How are you doing?
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