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  • Dude its always busy here Looking forward for games on Sunday. We took last year off and we have a tough game out of the gate! Love it!
    I'm still having trouble opening your latest PM. Sorry to be a pain in the butt, please send address again. I'm not sure why this haqppens, but there will be one guy in sweveral hundred and the PM's won't open. If I knew how to fix the dang problem I'd be all over it. Thanks one more time, waiting for the address, Rob
    Hey you can playe with Government All is well in Michigan. Did you get to play ball there and with who?
    Hey Terry.. Yea, still in the land of the rising sun. I have a couple more months left, then going to San Diego... Two years to go after that.. How's Michigan?
    I am pretty sure it is May 2nd. I will find out tonight and get with you tomorrow..If it is we will get you in the next one..We will be playing in more this year.
    Hey bud - let me know after you hit THE ONE what you think compared to the OG Flex, etc. I would really appreicate some feed back as I am about to buy a bat and need to make a decision. Thanks.
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