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  • I think the only mid week league Im playing in is with stang down in toms river on tuesdays. Are you on that team? I think Ben plays. The others I play in are 2 on Sundays and tournies. I believe later on one opens up in Brick on Thursdays that I'll get into but I think that stars in a month or so. I'll let you know when I find out / hear anything.
    Its ok to admit you miss staring at my nipples. That doesnt make you ghey, fappin to them does.
    Boobie - I have no source for the 454 - sorry bro. Finances are not looking good this season, so not planning Fattboyz to make too many tournaments. Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta - that is about it. We will do a combined team for Hongkong in October - that was a frikkin blast last year. Stay safe and say hi to your dad for me.
    yea i guess nick is going to coach this year! damn that is alot for some taxes. are you serious the dragon is booked already? nick got some sponsor for us or something it is *** ELITE! hit me back
    It's not to bad. Ass raped me on taxes on my Jeep. $2400. ****ers! Is the team sorted? Got a coach. Dragon Hill is already booked for the CASS.
    Hey - I have a couple of 26oz EL's and a 28oz EL left. $250 shipped.

    I am a bit disabled right now as I have just had a huge boil on my foot lanced. Can't go anywhere for another 10 days. I need to ship from Singapore as my Navy friend can ship from his FPO to yours. LMK.


    Chubbie 43 = Chad
    E 12 = Eric
    Pound for Pound = Dan
    Cuban= Larson
    RT Addict =fu man chu beard
    Trrroche11 = Troche
    bdub69 = Ben
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