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  • What is your career field? I was in the 353d Maintenance Sqd. Get with CGT #10. He is still there and in the 353d.
    I'll pass the word and talk to our coach at Pete. Thank you for the info.

    I posted something for the Springs people in the midwest regional forum. Could you check it out and let me know what you think?

    Thanks bro
    hhhmmm maybe he can play with Pete. Not sure how that goes whether we have guys from other bases. I got a buddy that is suppose to be playing with the Renegades now Acme Pawn.
    I am playing baseball in an adult league and there is a guy on the team who is stationed at Carson. He play Juco ball in L.A. Seemed like a pretty good ball player. He said he was interested in playing softball. I figured you might know a POC for him there. Can you help a brother out?
    Thats straight. When do yall start ball at Ft. Carson and who are you playing with? I'm ready for winter to be over already haha.
    Hey bro,

    We talked before about ball in the Springs. Just wondering if you workout much and if you got a lifting partner. I am getting to the point where I really need one to keep gaining like I want. Just give me a holler if your interested.

    hey man you still have any reciepts for the combat morphed from last year? mine is doneski's cracked down the barrel. hit me back!
    Cool, I should be able to visit you at Carson, I make a few trips there every year. You got an e-mail or #?
    i can't count the number of bp sessions here...not sure if we have started a new season or not.
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