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  • Where the Ef have you been? haven't heard from you in a minute, donkey, how is everything?
    i just received your bat...came in great condition just as you had said..i will definately purchase and bring people to you for future purchases...thank you very much..was a pleasure doing business with you
    The shoulder is good, Wednesday will be 3 weeks post op. Range of motion is obviously still extremely limited. I met with the doc last week and he was very optimistic for full recovery. Probably another couple months of limited duty at work, maybe back to full duty around July???? Well see how it goes, wish I was playing ball though, gotta tell you its no fun watching your friends. Can you do anything with a cracked SCN11BH? Talk to ya soon, thanks for thinking of me.
    haha thanks, i hate to see them lay an egg against MSU today but we'll see what happens in the tourney
    Ok WTF how do you use this new user profile thing? Do I just come here to post a message for you?? Or can everyone else see it? I am so stupid, its a good thing we are playing this Saturday and it is gonna be 70+ degrees.
    Is this ****in working??? I hate this new **** they have. I tried to add you but I have no idea if it worked???
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