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  • Were taking BP on Sunday in Prattville @2. We play league in Prattville and have several guys from Selma. Let me know about Sunday if your interested.
    We have a team and were looking for a few players for next year. We try and play larger tourney's, traveling wherever they maybe. Right now were working on sponsorship. We might BP next Sunday in Prattville, where do you live?
    I sent you a pm asking if you were looking for a 2 for 1 deal or a deal on one of those bats straight up or one of those bats + cash or what. My boy has a 27oz DST and wanted to know what he needed to add to make the deal good! He was gonna try and get a 27oz NRG for ya cuz I assumed you would prolly want a 2 for 1! Looks like you got a deal already though so that sucks but oh well i guess. Thanks for getting back to me anyway, by the way what are you getting?
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