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    For Sale Couple of nice gloves

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    March Madness Game Times Lancaster

    Couldn't agree more
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    LTB Z3k asa

    I have a buddy looking for a ASA 27oz Bal Z3K in good condition and with receipt. PM me with what you have. Thanks
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    LTB 28oz Easton B3.0 SP13B3

    I have a 26oz with approx 200 hits. lmk
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    For Sale NEW (Red and Black) L1 28oz

    These bats are hot! Can't believe it's still here
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    Hit the L4 and B3 yesterday out the wrapper

    And today it's raining. 3 days of rain before we see sunshine again, what to do
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    Price Check 28oz OG Salvo

    Code date # ?
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    aftermath, juggy, future

    The future is hot, only bat I've seen in action and swung of the 3 in question
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    Price Check niw vx2u with new stamp 27

    Months ago they were selling for 225. Slow time of the year 190-210 imo
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    Juggy > Future. True story.

    I saw Scottishheat (Ian) pull the wrapper off last night and hit the ball over the fence (approx. 325 ft) on the first swing. On the 3 or 4 AB he hit one easily over 400 ft, I'd say the bat is HOT!!!!! Like they say it's not the arrow, it's the Indian.
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    100w or st100

    what he said. comes down to preference If I were the OP I'd try to find someone who has one nearby and see if they'll allow you to take a few cuts with it before you trade.
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    My 2015 L1 Review

    Dudley sy USSSA ball Yes. We had the second game. I watched one of the 1st games of the day and the bats were definitely out of the wrapper, the ball wasn't coming off the bat remotely close to after a few games of usage.
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    Price Check sy100

    around 160-170 range imo
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    My 2015 L1 Review

    I don't know if it will die faster. I didn't see any die yesterday nor did I hear of any dying. However the 26oz that I did swing in my last game had a nice rattle but with the new Easton's that doesn't mean anything. My current L1 has around 500 swings on it and it's hot. But I do know it...