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  • Got any prototype Vinci laying around you need me to take off your hands?
    Hey....Heard you are the guys to talk to regarding Vinci fielding gloves.

    I am a middle infielder (SS,2nd) looking at purchasing my first Vinci glove. I want to make sure I am getting the right one for the positions I play and am looking for something around a 13". can you help out with recommendations and/or deals to look for? Any help is much appreciated. I'm intrigued by the H-web, but would like to know more about other options.

    I'm not on here alot....may be best to reach me at [email protected]

    My name is Ryan

    Hey, you going to respond to my lats couple messages? My boy is wanting to a glove pretty quick like. Thanks bro.
    I'm interested in buying an infielders Vinci glove I like 3 different ones but I want good quality and I like a soft glove
    My teams have practiced and played in extreme weather conditions. I'm sure you can relate to getting up early on a cold blustery morning and heading out to the field to start spring practice. The kids are cold and so are the bats. After a few rounds the kids warm up, but unfortunately the bats don't.

    Have you ever heard one of your kids say it "hurts" to hit a cold ball with a cold bat? Bat manufacturer's recommend using bats above 60 degrees to avoid denting, breaking or cracking.

    I am writing to you about a new, one of a kind, product that can easily and safely warm up to 16 bats simultaneously without using electricity. Hotbox is fully portable and no electricity is required! Best of all, it's made in the USA!

    Please visit our website at www.warmbats.com
    Thank you,
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