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  • so do you work for tyja, a post told me to message you. we won some usssa script money that we can use with tyja and im looking for dry fit pricing
    Looking for the following

    Two shirts
    One pants
    One Hat

    I would like it to be some what custom.

    Colors Red and white, Gray.
    Team Name : AMMO or Ammo
    Design : A pisspot or something just bad ass

    Team of 15, with possibility of getting extra shirts if possible.

    There are a lot of great folks out there, and I am not sure what to go with. Will be ready to order relativly soon so we can get them soon.

    This is for a military intramural team.
    Hey man...heard you are gtg with jerseys.

    I am looking for 10 guys and 5 ladies Dri-fit....Gold as main color....preferably with some white mixed in somewhere.

    Two color front script with number underneath to the left side....and back number as well. I can send you our script, etc....just need an email. Actually I can send you a pic of the exact color scheme I want.

    I am in Canada...you ship up here?

    Thanks in advance.

    Barclay McIvor
    did you get my email and package returned and sent back out??? lmk
    hey I want a pair of the grey faded in a 38 & a 42 for the sale price. went to the website but the price was 55.00 can u order them for me?
    Which is the combat your talking about? I keep hearing things about this bat but not sure how it looks?
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