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    One Nation Slowpitch

    One Nation is a spin off of GSL. It's here in NY too. Good luck
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    USSSA Rule 8 Sec 5 B B. When the base runner interferes with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball or intentionally interferes with a fielder catching a ball or throwing a ball, or with a thrown ball. EFFECT Sec. 5. B. If the interference is not ruled intentional; the batter-runner is...
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    ASA Locating Pitches

    When I took the training my UIC told us never describe the pitch. You say "ball", "strike" and sometimes "illegal". If you start to describe each pitch you are setting yourself up for disaster and the pitcher will want to know where it is on every pitch. Let the catcher say where it is when...
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    For Trade Some metals

    What are you looking for?
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    Batted ball hits Runner while on the Base

    I play USSSA. interesting rules for other rulesets though
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    Batted ball hits Runner while on the Base

    Why is the batter placed on 1B? Fair ball is a fair ball assuming the ball hit the runner on 3B in fair territory... ball is alive and in play
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    Another bat question

    I got a used 2018 Easton Fire Flex 27oz endload. 300-400 swings. PM me
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    LTB Bubba Mack

    I have a 27oz RRB
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    OG freak 30... $120

    PM Sent
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    Bubba Mack

    Got a 27oz RRB
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    Worth PST MAX

    This one is on "the bay" too. wants $225 SMH
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz bubba club

    bat received
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz bubba club

    Payment sent
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz bubba club

    PM sent.
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    For Sale Miken Hoodie Size XL

    Payment sent