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  • Okinawa is suppose to be warm but its been colder than usual. Other than that it is usually good weather. Im ready to get to the states though. The ball here is just not that competitive. There arent but so many teams and there is a big difference of skill level between teams. I dont remember what Okinawa looked like in the Karate Kid part 2. Its been a while since I've seen it.

    Your doberman is beautiful. Boy or girl? Im assuming girl cause the coller looks pink. Did you get the baby there? My wife and I are thinking about getting another dog when we get back to the states and I would like to get a doberman to go with my two babies(pits). Of course I got some research to do on the two breeds together.
    MY GTG:

    Brought From
    bjaeger414 - Recoil
    j831 - Juggy
    rme0018 - Miken 282

    Sold To
    Spixxx8 - J2
    Longball44 - Recoil
    Capn1 - AV
    MajorWood - Recoil

    Tomj2345 - know personally
    In my Bag::cool:
    2005 Worth May98 Mayhem - 27oz
    2007 Miken Recoil ASA 250 Maxload - 26oz
    2008 DeMarini Juggernaut - 27oz (On the Way)

    Willing to purchase:::rolleyes:
    2004 Miken Freak 98 - 27oz
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