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  • It doesn't matter what base they come from. Pete plays D. The only time it matters is Military Worlds time. Pete usually plays Varsity B. Which means you can only have players from 1 base. So he wouldn't be eligible for that or Pete would have to play Varsity A.
    There is nothing on Carson as far as a post team. The pseudo post team used to be the Renegades. This year they combined with Acme Pawn. I have some contact info but they look like they have a set team for this year.
    I do lift. But my assignment on Ft. Carson allows me pt time from 0730-0900 everyday. So I wouldn't be much help to you.

    We are moving right along with the treatment and chemotherapy. The pink shirts were shipped to Smoke and his wife should have them in Japan. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers. Miss you guys.

    Mase 25
    been in winterville, greenville for about 15 years. i work for greenville fire rescue full time.
    Thanks Brother, we have received official word in regards to a compassionate re-assignment to Fort Leonard Wood. The coordinations are complete by the Breast Cancer Team, Valleri has been accepted by St. Johns in Missouri with an Oncologist and Radiologist team in Rolla, MO for her chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I have some good pics from the Pac Wide with our SCRAPALATOR pink shirts. I just had to print 100 more for people. The support and and prayers have been overwhelming and humbling to day the least.

    Mase 25
    I'm in Garner too. If you ever wanna get together for some b.p. let me know.
    As far as dobies and pits together.. it really depends on the individual dogs. Two Alpha type personalities will always compete/fight for leadership of the "pack" even if its a chihuahua and a toy poodle. When selecting you next puppy (whichever breed you choose) it will be important to NOT pick the most outgoing of the litter nor the one who is wrestling or biting all its other littermates. Pick the one that looks like they're trying to fit in with the group and follow the leader. Also research how to introduce puppies and older dogs. Gain the knowledge and your "babies" will all interact wonderfully.
    You're one of the most observant people I've met recently. To see a fit & muscular (6' 210 9%BF) 27yo guy walking a dog with a pink collar AND pink leash, it astonishes me everyone (except you) assumes the pup is a boy because she's so big. Penelope is going to turn 10 months old next week, and is already super tall and 75lbs. She looks kinds skinny but should fill out very nicely as we expect her to put on another 30+ lbs. My fiancee and I purchased Penelope from a breeder just outside of Goldsboro ( I would suggest them, they are super nice and breed excellent dogs. There is also a guy in Durham that breeds dobermans, we would have bought from either but the timing just didn't work out with him.
    I live in North Raleigh. And actually play league ball in the same league as Tom (i see you two have been messaging below) but a different divison. Hows Okinawa? Anything like in the Karate Kid part 2?
    I play for Triangle Community Church. We play at Middle Creek High School & Thomas Brooks Park. Are you going to the COMbat Event on Thu 4-08 thru Sat 4-10 in Winston-Salem? Tom
    just got back from thailand..the shoulder is still iffy...i may try to start swinging next month. we'll see.
    I'm leaving for good. Im heading to Miami right after i get back from Philippines. I will be playing this weekend in the tourney down in Kinser. I been playing OF for masterbatters for 3 years now. I was one of the originals who played with Black Ice back in 2007. Im the other Smitty. I also played this weekend with legion for Browns last tourney.
    yeah bro im already over here. Im about to leave actually. I play with masterbatters. Who do you play with?
    OK is alright. I'm not gonna play as much ball this year with my back problems getting worse. No more than one tourney a month. This will be my last year. Twenty years is enough. Time to get involved in my daughter's sports. No big deal on the shirt.
    Yeah I here Wes is in Korea now is that true? Im not sure where you are, but another buddy of mine is in Korea somewhere. Big ball player Skeeter Johnson. Yeah here base team is horrible, but tourney ball is every weekend and any association.
    Not much competition. WHy you ask? Downtown league are a bit better, but still no what I am used to. Now tourney ball is totally different and very competitive.
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