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  • Eric, I haven't played since last November. I dove for two balls in a game, extending my left elbow badly and a ripped the labryin (sp?) muscle in my back (same one Chad Pennington ripped). Anyway, it's taken me about 5 months to finally recover from that.
    I've been playing music again, so any spare time has gone into playing as opposed to Softball. All that said, I wouldn't mind playing again...
    My email is: [email protected] (I rarely check Softballfans.com)

    What's up Norm? You all still playing? I haven't played in over a year but I'm getting that itch to play again!

    We were in that same rut in that league when we first started. I honestly think we lost five games by 1 or 2 runs...

    Then suddenly we started winning those close ones, and then we ended up in the Playoffs.

    At least you guys get on F#1... Field 3 has been washed out for the pas 4 weeks!

    Holy **** 1:00pm games is ridiculous man. He definately has to many and now I see why he said we had to move up!
    We have been playing pretty well -- except for the 1st game which we lost to Midway Sports, who have now
    changed their name (and even have printed up new Yellow shirts) with "Reigning Champs"...

    Anyway, we lost the first one vs them and then have won the last three, so we're 3-1.

    We play this Sunday at 1:00pm (Chris has too many teams in this league! - 1:00pm games!).

    Just get rid of the shaved bats for one game...
    I'll be back from LA in time to play Sunday - good since we'll be missing 3 of our main guys.


    Whats the deal Norm? Did you play today? We won and are 6-3 I believe tied for second place with the Hurricanes. We play youguys next week.
    4 make it to the playoffs. I think you and the Hurricanes are 6-2 then. We are fighting for 3-4. Anyways we don't play for 3 weeks!

    Yes we won on Sunday. I don't know all of the teams records, but I do know that we're now 6-2, so we should be in the top two.

    Q: How many teams go to Playoffs in this League? Three or four?


    Well we got the tiebreaker with the Hurricanes. We just got to win out. We play you guys the last game of the season.
    Norm you gotta reply on my profile as I dont check your profile unless I write something. We won and are 5-2 right now. We beat the Hurricanes already so I think we would be in #2 place, behind you guys?
    We lost today to Hurricanes, so we're now (5-2).
    If you guys won today, then the current top 3 would be:
    1) Hurricanes (6-2)
    2) Dirtbags (5-2)
    2) Freeze (5-2)


    Yea man for sure. I got a little drunk last night and was not feeling well at all. At least we get to play one more time and hopefully in the playoffs! Good luck bro!
    We were missing our SS (out of town) and our LF (hospital) -- so our Defense was a bit out of position and sloppy.
    Your Pitcher is really good... He actually has a bit of movement on the ball -- and you have to shorten your swing up a bit to make sure you make decent contact. He fooled a few of us pretty well...

    Dude, you know how it is -- on any given Sunday -- you guys could have easily been the ones racking up 14 in one inning -- like you did when you kicked our arses last season.


    You beat the **** out of us. Thanks a lot! See you in the last game of the season! Who were you missing? Because that team looked pretty good, but we made a lot of errors and that 14 run inning KILLED us!

    We play you guys this Sunday. We're gonna be missing two of our key players, so take it easy on us...
    I decided to stick with the Titan as opposed to buying a Plague -- but I have had some nice Combats before, so I'm familiar with how well they can hit.


    Yea I would do that if I was you bro. I know my 27 FL Combats weigh 26.5 on the scale so they are LIGHT. I think we play you in a few weeks should be a good one! Good luck bro.
    I'll let ya know, but I'm pretty sure I'm just going to stick with the Titan.

    Just focusing on consistent base hitting -- not trying to hit anything long -- and I like the balance and feel of Titan.

    Bro honestly man they are about even right now and my Plague isnt even spiderwebbed yet! Get a Plague!
    Did you see us Sunday using the Plague? 3 HR and shots all over the OF. We run ruled the Hurricanes. I think its you guys and us this season bro for the top spot! The Plague is my new favorite. I have not rolled it either. It spiderwebbed right out the wrapper. I am a Combat believer now. I only broken one bat also. The Titan, lol. That one was rolled way to much though.
    Yeah I know about The Plague -- but is it hotter than a well broken-in TITAN???

    Also, Plague seems to have durability issues -- but I have never broken a bat in over 10 years of playing, and I'm still using a Freak-100 that I got in 2004 with no problems. I have heard that you should not Roll the Combats, so be careful with that.

    I am considering getting a Plague or a second black Titan. I take my time when deciding on a bat, and I've been doing all right with the black Titan and the old Freak-100.


    Norman Bedford
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