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  • Hey man, talked to you on here before. I played 2nd base for bash brothers on saturday in novi.. were you there?
    Yeah Dwight was not having his best day at SS. Yesterday was frustrating. We could have beaten both of those teams. We were horrible in the field. I saw some things I had never seen in my life yesterday, like you hitting a homer to end the game, in a loss lol, and the guy getting tagged out by the catcher on his way to first hahaha.
    Curious, when does it change from "New Member" to something else? I dont want to be New Member anymore lol.
    is ur wife like mine??? she hates softball and the fact i like to play so

    just send the bucket with jeff and have fun on your trips
    bp has been canceled this week so just bring the bucket with you next week.

    btw, what is that hot chick doing with you in that pic :confused:
    Hey Shaw,

    I have a Mizuno Orange Crush 2, that I am trying to get rid of. It is a 28oz, let me know if you are interested. Thanks for your time,

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