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  • Sorry for bailing last night. There are some people I just cannot tolerate being around. I tried to stick it out but i was getting so annoyed i wasnt having fun.
    Ya we won one and lost one. SHould have won both. First game was back and forth and then they pulled away at the end. Second game we were trailing until top of seven we came back and won.
    Let me know, if your still in need. I can bring 1-2 other guys. What class? How serious are you guys gonna be? This is just a BS Tourny, Dont get me wrong, we are serious about any game. Do we have to wear customes ?
    diamond 4 at 7:20 and 8:30.. bobby wanted me to call you and see if you could pitch for us..
    no, just on # 3.. did stop by Chelis Chilli after work for 1 beer.. so #4 technically..
    I know it has to be frustrating that he dont return your calls.. that is one thing I hate.. A little communication goes a long way..
    I dont really know who we would replace him with.. But I guess with me, you, rob, brad, bill, jay, gerrit, andy, shaw, rkelly.. we still have enough.. but our team really lacks a natural lead off hitter right now..
    That's my wife, dorkus... She is hot, I know. :) I used to be 205 and tan :), that's how I got her. j/k.

    I won't be at BP for the next two weeks either, but I'm going to send the softballs with my guy Jeff. He will be there. I am going to Elkhart, Indiana next week, Columbus, Ohio the weekend after, and then Indianapolis, Indiana the weekend after that.
    I understand all of that.. but when I just put down just over $1500 on leagues out of my money and add in the dome that I paid out of pocket of, I need something. And I know about your wife and her mom.. and that is terrible, like I have said before but I just need something before march.. even if it is for the Net money you owe.. that will be fine.. This is a tough time for everyone man.. the economy sucks period and that is why I have basically paid out of my pocket for a lot of stuff.. I just need something throw back my way.. I have a wife, two kids and not to mention other family that has borrowed money or should be asking but wont..
    you can have the dvd back on monday.. I will be in bed by the time you get out of work tonight.. but I am going to need some money before march.. how about monday when I stop by with the dvd..
    Do you really need it that bad right now..?? cant wait until I get back?? I mean for real I let you owe me money for how long??
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