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  • Yeah, Silverbullet will be here on Thurs also so we can all hit if you like. LMK what you plan on>>>
    Damn USF .......Thats a f'n drive .......I play in Dunedin on Thurs.... it has by far the best comp. in this county ..at least on Thursdays it does. We'lll definitely have to hook up and swing some day .. I have 200 balls a screen and a fre field anytime I want for the most part. Do you live here or in Tampa?
    Nah bro.... my days off changed so I will be playing very few tournys at all. If I do I would have to know way in advance in order to get the time off. I am off on Thurs/Fri's now .....f'n sucks. Why whats up???
    Not to pry, just wondering about your stature because you said the 28oz geezer felt light. Are you a bigger guy?....lol.. I typically swing a 27 and I like a slight end load so the feel is like a 28. Just dont want anything more than that. Thanks for your time.
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