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    Usssa coed tourney in Deer Park Sept 28-29

    is this a sanctioned usssa tournament?
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    BP/Fielding - Issaquah/Samammish/Redmond

    was at the issaquah fields today and they had the signs up on some of the fields that they are closed
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    ASA Girl catches ball and mitt falls off hand

    the only way u can call this one is to see it happen
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    ASA co-ed rule

    if the league uses the rule, this is usually what it is, no association uses it for tournament play, only local amended rules for coed All outfielders must remain behind the 175-foot arc until the ball is hit when a female is at bat. PENALTY: If an outfielder crosses the arc prior to the...
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    USSSA Correct Call? Ball Dead?

    I love players rules!!!!
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    ASA Fake pitches and quick pitching

    u can not quick pitch in any game that I know of, in utrip you can fake, but u have only 5 seconds to pitch so u better not do much or the ump will call a ball on the batter
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    Any Every ump should carry this in their back pocket.

    umps should give out yellow cards like the do in soccer
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    USSSA USSSA Pitching Standards

    I have never seen a ball released at 6" not going to happen
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    USSSA USSSA Pitching Standards

    first of all, the umps are called red arc is 3 feet from release, that means once the ball is released from the hand, it has to rise another 3 feet, so the arc is probly anywhere from 5-10 from the ground all asscociations now have basically the same arc, they just decribe it differently
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    ASA Did the ump blow this call?

    all throws from the infield, runners move up 2 bases, ump needs to go back to school
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    Any Im a NEW ump with a question

    why do u pm, we all want to know
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    USSSA Umpire Reneging on a Call

    dont you want the ump to make the correct call? nothing wrong with changing your mind to make the correct call
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    Any Assisting the runner

    good job chief!!!
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    What is the rule here?

    double play no brainer
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    ASA how to make an ump not hate ur team anymore??

    Do you really what to take the umpire out of the game or just whining? If so, this is what I have always looked for, teams that play aggressive and the players decide the game By playing aggressive I mean, players are swinging the bat and not letting good pitches go by, they run the bases...