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  • They are going to repair it. The damage is ~ 10K. I really do not want this car anymore. I will trade it on a new one after it is 'fixed'. The claims adjuster was a jerk. Tried to dictate where my car would be towed and repaired. I told him to get bent.
    You should get more towards the $18K mark due to the low mileage. Volvo's are great cars, a little high in the maintenance dept., but if you don't mind that then go for it. I'm not real familiar with what they go for, i don't see too many newer ones at the dealership. They tend to hold their value pretty well though. It's one of those niche cars. Not real high demand...but people who own them are usually very brand loyal.
    i am flexible on new or used. I have 30k on the Solara SLE. I checked several sites for value; and, got 17-18K, which fits your estimate. Have seen the new Sonata on commercials, looks nice. I just rented a C70 (Volvo). I really like this, rides nice, has some pop (like a U2), nice lines, etc. We will keep in touch. Thanks for responding.
    are you looking to purchase new or pre-owned? I'm not sure what your car is worth, I'm not sure of miles and all that, but I'm guessing between $15-$18K.
    Let me know whether you're looking for new or used, that will help. I sell Hyundai's; have you seen the new 2011 Sonata? It's a real nice vehicle, and you can get the SE which has the sport tuned suspension, dual exhaust, sunroof, etc. It's a 4 cylinder, but puts out 200HP. Super nice car...and they sticker for $23,500. Awesome car for the price. Just thought I'd throw that out there as another option. Keep me updated. I'll help the best I can.
    I wish bro. No toy funds for now, especially with a little one on the way.
    Thanks though!
    Steven: Thanks for being my friend. You are rhe first. It has been a tough week; and, this made it better.
    zonk -
    Good to hear from you. I'm not intimately familiar with the Worth Blue Lighthouse but, being a non-EST Supercell, it should be okay as a singlewall. I know some singlewall leagues get a little funky about the VT (variable wall technology), but I consider them all to be singlewalls ... but not the EST. Of course, I allow the Steels and will initially allow the NanoTek as well.

    Of course, I'm kind of thick-skinned, having played 3 months in a Florida 60+ daytime league where everybody hit Ultra II's.

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