1. Jerrshoe

    For Sale/Trade Brungardt - traded

    Looking to sell or trade a 29oz Dale Brungardt. Has about 25 swings on it and the typical light webbing. Just too heavy for me. Has return and receipt 150$. Or trade for an endload in 26-27oz
  2. B

    LTB Demarini KTJ 27.5

    Looking to buy a demarini king of the jungle 27.5. I’d like to know an approximate hit count if possible.
  3. J

    LTB 25-27oz Monsta bat

    Looking to buy or trade for a monsta, let me know what you have, looking for something 25-27oz. I’m pretty open to any model.
  4. J

    LTB 26/27oz ASA

    I’m looking for a 26oz and/or 27oz Demarini juggy/flipper/flipper Og. Preferably 2017 or newer. I’m not stuck on these bats only though, just a good Asa bat to hit 52’s with.
  5. J

    LTB ASA 26/27oz

    I’m looking for a 26oz and/or 27oz Demarini juggy/flipper/flipper Og. Preferably 2017 or newer. I’m not stuck only on these bats only though, just a good Asa bat to hit 52’s with.
  6. J

    2016 Demarini ONE OG

    I play in ASA leagues for the most part, I usually swing a miken freak or Easton salvo, but I found a 2016 Demarini one og for cheap. Does anyone have any experience with these bats for ASA play?
  7. Art102489

    LTB Looking for a demarini fu dawg

    Hey guys if anyone's has a fudawg in any weight that they wanna sell shoot me a message thanks again
  8. G

    Demarini J4 Black Juggy ASA

    LTB.... Open to weights.
  9. Art102489

    For Sale/Trade Demarini mercy

    Hey everyone I have a slightly used 18 demarini mercy in 26 oz this bat has no more then 45 swings on it mostly bp asking 120 shipped or open to trades has receipt good threw March or 2020 TRADED LOCALLY <a href=""><img...
  10. Jerrshoe

    For Sale/Trade 2 Easton Fab / Miken Psycho / 2020 Demarini Mistress

    Easton Fab 4 Buddy Wolf 27.5 oz - R/RC/BC 30-40 hits - $100 Easton Fab 4 Travis Clark 28.5 oz - R/RC/BC 20 hits - $old Demarini Mistress 28oz - NR New in the Wrapper - $old Miken Psyco 26 oz - Returnable no receipt - 50 hits - $old
  11. Clblay

    For Trade 2016 Demarini Flipper OG & Anarchy Demon - 27 oz - BOTH TRADED

    Thread was deleted because I forgot to post an image with my info....reposting. Currently working on some trades....send in offers. If one looks good I will respond. Both 27 oz bats. Great shape. Only tee work and one season of summer league. 27 oz bats don't fit my swing. I'm looking for...
  12. S

    2018 Twisted Mistress 26oz - $125 returnable with receipt

    about 200-250 swings on it, usual webbing for a TM receipt good til 9/11/2019 more pics and videos upon request $125 shipped
  13. F

    30 oz demarini flipper

    looking for a 30 oz aftermath or og, need to be asa
  14. S

    LTB Easton or Demarini

    Looking for a scn series Easton bat. Or an OG Juggy or J2. Preferably 26-28 oz. Open to other similar options though. Thanks! -Caleb
  15. G

    Looking for a DeMarini f7

    looking for a DeMarini f7 in preferably 26 oz but 27 would work too
  16. Clblay

    For Sale/Trade 2009 DeMarini The One

    28oz '09 DeMarini The One. Took about 9 years off from softball and the bat hasn't been used much since. Got back into the game this year and took a few cuts with it and still hits well. I want a Boombah Compressor T3 so looking to sell some bats to build up a fund for one. I'd guess in the...
  17. Clblay

    Price Check 2009 DeMarini The One

    Looking for a price check on this 28oz '09 DeMarini The One. Bat is in good shape. I traded for it several years ago so not sure how many cuts. I'd guess in the 200+ range. Has a .5mm Lizard Skin grip.
  18. E

    Demarini J3A

    NR 26 oz J3A I got on return for a 16 juggy og. Has field wear but no cracks or rattles. Not sure how many hits but would guess between 100 and 200. Asking $140 gifted and shipped. Only selling because I prefer the flipper. Text for quickest response 815-988-8067 *postage stamp is only to...
  19. T

    2017 Demarini Flipper USA 27oz

    Anyone have a 2017 Demarini Flipper USA 27oz they are looking to sell?
  20. B

    For Sale 27 DeMarini Nautalai

    SOLD locally . DeMarini Nautalai 27oz 150 to 200 hits Receipt and is returnable. Bats in great condition, No cracks, seams paint chips or webbing as I can see, I doubt it's even broken in yet. I have a 26oz and just need this gone before I keep it to add to the mounting bats I already have...