For Sale 6 2015 Eastons


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All 6 are 27oz. All returnable, no receipt. 100-200 indoor BP swings on each of them. Buyer pays fees if payment is not sent as a gift. All prices are shipped. I will consider a trade of a 26 or 27oz OG 100H. Thats it for a trade.

Kirby USSSA-$200
Baker USSSA-$200 SOLD
Wegman USSSA-$200 SOLD
Realtree ASA-$280 SOLD
Realtree USSSA-$280 SOLD
Mako Torq USSSA-$300 SOLD

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Umm looks like 2 bar codes on the baker, possibly the others kinda blurry. Just need a receipt, returnable if that's tge case


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Lmao....troll...pls always have new **** and always price it high. If ppl were smart and looked around...all same bats can be had for almost same prices with codes and valid papers. Gtfo've always be a douche....always has and always will be. #swallowmykids


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Can you get a copy of the original receipt? Simple as calling the place you got the bats from and asking them to email you one, or if you ordered online, go to the website, sign in, look at past orders/purchases, print receipt.