Addicted to Softballfans
My advice for you at your weight...start by going for walks. Once your body in used to walking, walk a block and run a block. Then run 2 blocks and walk one, then run 3 blocks etc, etc. You just need to start. Then you just need to keep showing up.

yea i do go for walks, just not as frequent as i want. i plan on walking a lot more once the temp outside gets about 40 again... i hate winter :(


Addicted to Softballfans
I play a lot of Mario baseball, my son only throws changeups so they look like asa pitches, helps with my timing.

HAHAHA that is awesome! i should go buy on an play with the wife, is she found out the real reason be hind it she would be pissed lol


Join the military. I promise that is the fastest way to lose the weight you are looking to lose. When I went through basic I watched a guy your age lose over 80 pounds in 17 weeks. He had skin hanging and everything. More power to you fella! Stay positive and stay after it!