Boombah Boss Compressor T3


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Interested to see how the new tech compares to the Dually. Gonna take a lot for me to put that down and the 3.0 for that matter.


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they are using the same tech in their fastpitch bats and it sure sounds like it's gonna be like aftermaths/new worth and miken tech

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don't jerk me around on this. are these the same tech as the new ASA miken/worth in a 12" barrel?
If you're talking in terms of a performance insert type deal, yes. These will be just like the rest of them.
they are using the same tech in their fastpitch bats
can you tell us about the weighting on this bat?
Endload pretty generously, IMO. This one is a 27. Definitely feels like a full ounce.
Any word on the Utrip model

Hoping to swing it one day next week.
They still use 44's until they run out apparently the league has a few cases left.The Dually held up all three seasons last year no issues with the hard ball


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Usssa bat and Asa bats are gas again this year. Asa has an insert barrel and is designed to hit 52 ball. Have one with 400-500 impacts and it's beyond good. These are going to be everywhere for Asa. 229.99 retail. Usssa bat is smoking after 200 impacts. Also 229.99 retail.
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something more than its gas
Usssa bat takes about 100-200 impacts to break in to where it's testing around 235-240. It's just as good as any other Usssa bat on the market. Asa takes around same amount but will continue to break in and will not break. Asa doesn't have spiral tech barrel. Meaning it will not spiral crack after its past a certain compression. It's much like the pre abi bats. Let me know if you have more questions


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how about the important things like weighting, stiffness, barrel feel, barrel length?
These will come in 25oz-28oz 1oz endload. Barrel on Usssa is stiff until around 100 impacts then softens up. Asa is similar but I would say softter to start. Both bats are 12 inch barrel.