Cages in Vegas


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Going to Vegas next week for our first holiday in years. Never been there before, but just looking forward to getting away from our ****ty weather here in Newfoundland.

Since I haven't gotten any swings in so far this spring, I wouldn't mind getting out and hitting a few balls while we're there. Anyone know of any batting cages in close proximity to the Golden Nugget where I can work out the winter kinks?


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Big League Dreams at Freedom Park is close and has cages there...but, you have to pay $3 to get in...


Addicted to Softballfans
I believe there are some indoor cages just off the strip somewhere, I know some guys from my team went last tourney we had out there. Trying just google searching it.

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If you go to BLD around noon during the weekdays they don't charge admission. If you go there at night its now $5 entry fee. Bring the Heat was the place to go for self-pitch but just recently closed its doors.