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Check this out, local brah named Joe is in this, show some support
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I know im welcome here. But you guys are about as boring as these Cincy jokers. I have to hang out in the Nebraska thread with the xbox guys!
Off to San Fran this weekend, any of you been?

yes, i've been there. i drove there from So. Cal. Went to alcatraz. that was real cool. stayed in the "tenderloin" district. full of crackheads back then, but it's like a wicker park now. went and thrashed at this place call "the covered wagon." (no longer exists). i forgot who i saw there. i met up with a fellow metalhead i used to trade tapes with. he did a zine. went to a real "peep show" where you had to put in a quarter for the shade to come up so you can see the chick. went to a heavy metal store and bought some killer pins and patches for my denim. all these things are fun things you and your wife should do.
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Check out Castro district. You'll love it.

Im not afraid of the gheys Aric, if you're girl ever wants to go out dancing and you don't want the typical club d-bags effin with her, head over to Berlin on Belmont, Uncle Somen gave it 4 stars. You may even score a free drink from a cute he/she named Pat :thumb:


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Free bucket of worth super gold dots good for bp to anyone interested.

I am also available to sub occasionally if anyone needs a no talent wannabe.