Defensive strategies no fence parks


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Hey y'all I was just wondering what everybody's ideas for defensive strategies are with fields that don't have fences. Seems like if you play too deep they just short ball you, but if you play too shallow then they drop bombs is there something I'm missing or is that just how it's played?


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The two scenarios you've laid out would happen even if there was a fence. Dont overthink. The biggest difference/threats are the hard lazers into the gaps, which results in HRs if theyre not cut off. That doesn't happen with fences.

Also, its super fun chasing down and stealing HRs because you dont have to worry about navigating a wall.


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What I always did as on OF was play normal depth and backpedal on the pitch if the guy has pop. I figured, standing at 265' I can track down most deep balls from average players. The power hitters I would at least have an great jump on a bomb but still only be at about 275' if they hit it in front of me.

Also, I noticed on fenceless fields less skilled or experienced guys see you playing "short" and overswing trying to beat you and you get a lot of pop ups.

Of course, no amount of backpedaling from 265' is gonna let you catch a ball hit 365'. But if you're playing deep enough to catch something hit 365' you're probably playing too deep and every ball in front of you is a double.


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To give you the offensive perspective, I smash line drives into the gaps or hard pulls down the 3B line.

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