Feedback on my swing?


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Long story short I used to crush the ball. I think I've lost something. Exasperated by a really awful slump. I started going more oppo the past couple years but I know it changed my swing but I dont know in what way. Link below for video.

Your swing looks good. My father has been having me work more on my footwork in the box to help influence where I'm hitting the ball. He has been doing this because I naturally hit the ball to RC and RF. I naturally take that first step with my plant leg towards first base. To help me have a more consistent spread off the bat he has had me turning my back foot, drive leg, inward. You can try pointing your drive leg heel outward a bit and that may help you with more of a spread but the biggest problem I've run into with this is that I'm not hitting the ball where it is pitched as much and have seen my number of pop-ups increase as well as hits up the middle which while middle wars can be fun they can also lead to fights and arguments that no one wants. If you were to try to change anything aside from pitch selection and swing timing I would say try focusing on which direction your plant leg is going when hitting off the tee and in live pitch BP my friend. Though if you are consistently getting on base hitting to RC and RF then leave it be but that's just me.