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I was surprised to see while browsing this morn that Vinci has finally installed an on-line custom glove builder. It's not perfect but it's a good first start. Things I'd like to see improved in the short-term:
  • Better product description. I'm guessing, based on price, that the gloves are centered around the Limited Series but nowhere is it made clear.
  • Options on the stitching color.
  • More accurate color rendition.
  • Options on wrist logo color.
  • Option to remove the finger pad.
  • More web options.
  • Option to specify exactly which glove model you want your custom to be based on.
  • The ability to specify your leather choices for palm, back & web.
I know that a couple of these are pipe dreams but a guy can hope! I know from personal experience that Vinci can do a lot of things if you work with them one on one but it would be nice to see some things as part of the glove builder. A custom with a Limited back & an Optimus palm (all credit goes to Trung!) would be something that offers the best of both worlds & a definite "pound for pound" contender!


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I been playing with it and agree with your assessment Mav. A good step forward for Vinci, check it out!


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Hey Arthur there will be a lot of changes coming wanted to get it going. There is over 900 hours of work into that LOL..........
Your right just call lots of things can be done. Keep looking we keep adding. Hope your doing well!!