Fourth Annual Bay State Shootout


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Fourth Annual Bay State Senior Shootout
June 22 - 24
CrossRoads Sports Bar
Palmer, MA.
Five Game Guarantee: bracket into elimination
65's & 70's Friday June 22 & sat. June 23
55's & 60's Sat. June 23 & Sun. June 24

Fields are easily accessed from Massachusetts Turnpike
and located on US Route 20 (1700 Park st. in Palmer, MA.)
Three fields, plenty of free parking, lounge with full bar,
large screen TV's, clean indoor restrooms.
Free Chicken BBQ Saturday afternoon.
Entry fee: $400
Contact: Tom Marum 508.450.0623
[email protected]


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Hey Guys,
4for4, The front field is in good condition. The lower or back field (which is a new field is better than it was,
particually the outfield) has dugouts and smooth out field.
Suitcase, we've never had more than one 50's enter. What we've done is allow the 50's team & they play w/the
equalizer rule. Your welcome to play.


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You know Curveball, I can't think of one! Lotta good playa's too from back in the day!
Played many games @ Ferry St, Nelson Park, Hubbard Fld, and a few @ the High School.
Don't like to mention names on message boards, but certainly remember guys like Jeff Merrick,
Johnny Angell, Joey Connaughton, Gary Nelson, John Gemm, Frankie Parrella................


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Received a phone call the other day from a team stating that they heard that the Bay State Shootout was going to be canceled.
Don't know where the rumor came from but, we have NEVER discussed or considered canceling. We have moved the dates of the
event by two weeks from the previous two years, but we are not canceling..........................Thanks


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Tommy, great era for ball. Played at those locations also, but was so young it was baseball! Grafton also had some good fastpitch back in the day.


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I'm 52 and would love to participate. How do I get involved? I was hoping to join a team as my league has shown no interest. Any chance of hooking up with a team?

J. Crane


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Palmer, Ma

June 23-24 tournament. Coming up from Connecticut, Woukd like to know time for Davy Byrnes first game.

Thanks Jim G


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First of all; sorry for the delay. We have had a hard time getting committments for this event.
Davy Byrnes plays @ 11:30 vs Western Mass Relics
we have only six teams in the event. Each team will play three games on Saturday.
Sunday will be a double elim. tournament.

10:00 Western Mass Relics 60 vs Windham Fld 1
11:30 Action Auto vs Windham Fld 1
11:30 Davy Byrnes vs Relics 60's Fld 2
1:00 Davy Byrnes vs Action Auto Fld 1
1:00 C. C. Mariners vs Relics 50's Fld 2
2:30 Windham vs Relics 50's Fld 1
2:30 Mariners vs Relics 60's Fld 2
4:00 Relics 50's vs Action Auto Fld 1
4:00 Davy Byrnes vs Mariners Fld 2
I do think it will happen, however game times & fields maybe subject to change after first game time.
Good luck to all.