Goff Thread


Bad Ape
the tourney i shot 43/40, i thought i had a chance at the net win...the guy that beat me shot 77 gross. how TF is he in my flight?


life takes guts
I went 1-1-1 this weekend. We should have won our first match but we couldn’t make a putt.

I ended my singles match on hole 15. It was my best shot at breaking 80.


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I have some credit on my account I need to use before the EOY

thinking about a super hybrid

I asked my wife for the power wheel conversion for christmas, she'll probably buy something wrong and Ill be stuck with it


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someone got their membership revoked for playing with the new range balls during league last week. They apparently did it and got caught during the M/M too. IDK if for cheating or just being a cheap POS and no one likes them but good riddance.


Dr. Nick
Man the Christmas holiday weekend sale was the worst damn time at the old club I worked in high school and college. Pros wife had free gift wrapping and had to teach us all how to do it like we weren’t glorified range pickers. Free spiked eggnog. Members would send their wives in to spend the $1000s they had in credit. All weekend was drunk old ladies trying on ****. I had to help an 80 year old get her drunk ass out of a sweater on more than one occasion. The best was the dudes that were like “fill my locker with as many Pro-V1 dozens as my credit will buy.”


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I just got my 14 year old a driver and 3w from a semi reputable brand new for under 300 his christmas is over and Im happy with that for him


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I thought I liked my cobra super nova but that doesn’t seem to be working these days. The good thing is, it’s really easy to scoop the ball and gtfo the green. Which, to me, makes it worth keeping in the bag.

N LA Hacker

I putted my ass off on the ridge course at Oxmoor valley and sucked balls on the valley course. Ridge had bent grass. First time I've ever putted on that. went 37, 29, 31, 42. The greens on valley were new bermuda that was only 10 months old and hard as a rock.


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Yo, in all seriousness I get it. We have bent here in ROA, and then about 2 hours south you hit NC and its all bermuda from then on.

peak season for bermuda its so firm and fast there as opposed to here its grown way up and swampy to avoid burnout


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this time of year is prime season for bent around here. highs been in the low 70s. My course looks pristine.

then the leaves will ruin it in two weeks