Guidelines for the Training Forum..UPDATED ON FEB 13 2009..

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General Guidelines:

1. Use the search button prior to posting a new thread.
2. Please do some basic research using msn, yahoo, google, webmd, etc. prior to posting a new thread.
3. If you are injured, please seek professional medical advise. You can't be properly evaluated through a web-based forum. If you can't see a medical professional, for whatever reason, please refer to #1 and #2 prior to posting.
4. Do not start threads to get a "reaction". This will not be rcvd well.
5. Do not start threads with links on where to purchase illegal supplements, conventional or otherwise.
6. Do not start threads asking for advise on how to take said illegal supplements

Thread Guidelines:

Answer as many questions as possible. Doing so still will not guarantee an answer, but will help the few of us here with injury training.

1. When did the pain begin?
2. What were you doing at the time? Or did the pain come on gradually over time?
3. Where, anatomically, is the pain?
4. What does the pain feel like? Sharp? Dull? Aching? Stabbing? Shooting?
5. Is the pain constant, or intermittent, or only on certain motions?
6. What motions make your pain worse?
7. What, if anything, makes your pain better?
8. Does your pain radiate to any other part of your body?
9. What things could you do before, that you cannot do now because of your injury?
10. What is your main concern regarding the pain and its consequences?
11. Have you ever injured that part of your body before? If so, how?
12. Is your pain getting worse over time? And if so, how much worse over what time period?

There is NO information on this board that should be considered professional medical advice.
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