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Follow up to my post from a month ago. Working on a bigger leg kick + keeping hands back to generate power. Would appreciate any advice.




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Follow up to my post from a month ago. Working on a bigger leg kick + keeping hands back to generate power. Would appreciate any advice.

I looked at your video from your post about a month ago, your swing was faster then than it is now. In your original post I offered sound advice for generating speed and power needed to become a better hitter and others did also.

until you learn to shift your weight from your trailing leg (left leg) completely to your right leg and end up with literally all your weight on the front foot/leg you will not improve either your speed of swing or increase your power.

find an old video of Roberto Clemente and see how he generated tremendous speed as well as power by hitting off his front foot. Also look at videos of golfers transferring their weight in the same manner, Greg Norman is perfect example in that his trailing foot would actually slide forward after he hit each golf shot. You can only do this if you have transferred all your weight to the front foot.

you may not think this will help but get Ben Hogan’s paperback book, Five fundamentals of Golf, ($7.95 paperback) the illustrations are perfect to show how weight shift along with coiling of the big muscles along with the small muscles produce the speed and power needed in a perfect golf shot.

the higher leg kick you mentioned is simply the vehicle to shift weight forward, lifting your leg higher does nothing for you unless you “stride through the hitting area” with ill intentions, to smack the ball HARD by allowing the big muscles of your legs to pull the next biggest set of muscles, your arms, then your wrists uncock snapping the bat through the hitting area

get one of the guys that play where you play, that is a good hitter, that hits right handed and then face each other and try to mirror his movements, you’ll see how his weight shift and uncoiling differs greatly from your current method

practice will make anyone better, but perfect practice is what makes the best players, you have to do it right

hope this helps


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i feel ur pain. as easy as it seems hitting under thrown ball, perfecting it is a long journey. I have casting problem too but getting better gradually. search " connected swing" in youtube. as tony pointed out, your hands should not be further away from your body when swinging. you lose a lot of power and you swinging with your arm instead of your body.

get live pitch as much as possible, video tape that and go from there. tee took me no where when i was a complete beginner. Now tee is more effective cuz i know what i need to do and my mechanic is much better than before.