Logo design - help.


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Hello. I need your help.
The logo design is divided into the technical part and the creative part. The creative part is a brief, studies, sketches, etc. The technical part is knowledge of Ai (Corel or Photoshop), it is correct to interpret the sketch because it needs not only to draw. I need information about the technical part (and preferably the creative part), if you know any books, lessons on YouTube or other sources. I'll be very grateful! All that I described above is based only on my knowledge so do not swear if I'm wrong;) I'm new.


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I've found Illustrator to be the best for creating logos. I draw the logo, take a pic of it and try to replicate it in illustrator. It has more than enough tools, biggest thing is getting in there and doing it. Like anything else, it takes patience and sometimes a lot of googling/youtube vids to find out how to do what you want. I recommend taking a beginners course, they're everywhere online. Everything will be much easier from the get go if you have a solid foundation of the basics. I don't have any recommendations for courses but you just have to get in there and start doing it.