Mizuno Orange Crush????


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I know they made three of this bats in orange which ones are Asa legal and which one is ban?

I am looking for pics of all of them.

I believe it is like this:

Asa legal
Orange bat that says crush and crush 2

Ban it says:
Techfire on one side?

Did they make a mizuno that's orange that says techfire that's ASA legal?
If so what does it look like and how can you tell it apart from the non-legal one?

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The Crush is the MZC-4. It was always ASA approved, and has the ASA 2000 stamp. It was reissued without the stamp a little later, and the reissue is not ASA approved. The reissue has the "bird" on the barrel. The reissue was never banned, as it was never approved in the first place.

Crush 2 says "Crush 2" on the barrel, has the 2004 stamp, and has always been ASA approved.


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Thanks hacker and what about the orange techfire? Is that Asa approved?

Also the Asa approved crush doesn't say techfire on one side correct?


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I had no idea.

same with an envy.. but an envy will wake up before it cracks and be pretty hot where the crush2 stays a turd for the most part.. if you can get the crush2 to look like <><><><><><><><><><> all over before it cracks its going to be hot as well. At that point you have 100 swings or less left on it but they will be good ones :)


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something else real quick.. when a og crush gets a flat spot you can tap it out by lightly tapping the high spots on a phone pole.


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Yeah, the Crush 2 is definitely legal...and still says "Techfire" down one side. I picked one up for net to nothing, in great condition. I didn't have any great expectations for it, but it surprised me.


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I know of one league in southern CA that has them all banned because somebody got hurt by one like 5 years ago. Blame the bat not the player I guess...


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something else real quick.. when a og crush gets a flat spot you can tap it out by lightly tapping the high spots on a phone pole.

That only works for a little bit. Next ball you hit will put an even worse flat spot on it.

The Fury was the same way. Really hot, but that bat waved almost immediately. Bad durability.

Rage and black Techfire were more durable.


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My first “real” bat was one of the black red techfire wrath 98 that I got for pretty cheap. That thing broke in like 10 swings, if that. Should of splurged for an OG Easton, I’d still be swinging it