Please take a look at my swing...

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Took about 12 years off to open a restaurant, but am now getting back into the swing of things (pun intended) as far as ball is concerned.

Please take a look at my swing and tell me if I can improve upon anything from what you see. My latest bp session my timing was off but more than anything I was inconsistent with going deep and hitting hard grounders with several pop ups. I was pulling my head a lot so I know I need to work on that. I'm trying to work on my wrist snap as well.

Anyway..looking for your thoughts if you're kind enough to help.

Thanks in advance!



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Snap is perfect. Bat path is perfect. Good follow through.

The atrocities happen below. Slow it down.

The knee goes up, but there’s no coil. Knee can stay down if you’re not loading. This leads us to the stride and weight transfer. What happens when the foot hits the ground; absolutely nothing. Foot hits the ground and you swing the bat. You’re not getting anything from the legs, back or hips. It’s all arms.

There’s really no rotation and it’s a shame because you’re hands and extension look great. I’d try to watch some stuff on YouTube that address coiling and rotation, generating power from the hips and balancing your stride.

I can go deeper into it, and you can feel free to send me a pm. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for that...I can see after watching again what you're referring to. I'll work on the rotational part, I think the bat behind the back drill focuses on that. I'll look for others as well.

No ball today, I just set the tee up in the yard for some swings to get on video. This was a spur of the moment decision to upload, I'm not that big into putting myself out here like this. :)


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Stay back. You are ending up vertical. Your front leg should be straight and you should be able to draw a line from your front foot up through your body to your head, angled back, maybe a 60 degree angle.
I may have exaggerated somewhat saying 60 degrees, more realistically 60-75. Check out some of Bogie's videos at Most of the pros in his videos have that angle,
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You're all arms. With that leg kick you should be coiling your body to get your legs and hips into your swing as stated in previous posts. I have a similar problem but thankfully for me groundballs are wear I make my living as a hitter. If I can get a line drive to right I'm a happy camper but more often than not I hit it on the ground. And not hard. I'm fortunate to have some speed. That being said when I stop thinking about my swing I actually coil up and put a good swing on the ball. Watch any of the training videos on, I think it's called, rotational hitting. There is a drill in one of those videos where you're swinging a bat right next to a fence without hitting it. That drill has helped me a lot. It helps get your whole body into the swing which helps generate power for deep shots and hard liners and grounders. Might be worth a look for you.