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  • I need help finding an old post. Someone broke down all the different Miken Ultra 1 and 2 models by the info on the handle under the grip. I'm a bit tech challenged and couldn't find the post by going thru the search tab. Any help would be appreciated. It was posted several years back and was very detailed about each individual model. Thanks, Moak
    I. Have a miken recoil Asa clean I am looking for a freak 99 27 oz I see u have one my recoil is 25.5 oz no grip scale weight lmk
    Hey packers, shoot me a pm, I have a question for ya and can't send pm's from work but can respond to them.
    Jeff...I have 2 asa bats...I think both can be returned ..but no receipt both new in wrapper..both 26oz..they are the freak 100 or whatever the new asa is and the ssr speed from easton....what are those things worth with no reciept ..niw? thanks bogie
    You have anything for trade? It looks like the one gmoney1996 posted yesterday with the 08 flex you were loking at but has about 6 to 8 webbing lines.
    Honestly....If that was the case we'd win cuz of Hester. I think it's going to boil down to the QB, and yours is better. :(
    I'm googly eyed and giggling like a schoolgirl bro.....I have absolutely no idea who's going to win this game. Turnover battle determines winner. It's a day game where Cutler's QB Rating is 50pts higher.....sick teams the both of them. I'm stoked...okay gotta go!
    I have a miken freak 98, flat sticker63320805 Do you know if this is a prefered or "better freak 98"? It seemed to me that the last 2 digits were tthe date...would this be 05? How is the body these days ...hpe all is well, bogie
    hey, happy new...hows the shoulder? didnt you get it worked on last year....if your bored over the winter..come to Belmont and hit at the cage..bogie
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