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This story about that 4month old killed by her father is absolutely terrible.

Apparently this morning in a bond hearing he admitted to dropping her in the river. What a piece of ****

I caught a piece of that story yesterday. that was out in your neck of the woods right?


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So.. Baltimore..

Cops show up at an apartment to serve 2 arrest warrants.
Nobody answers the door but cops can hear people inside. They obtain a key from the apartment manager and enter.
Woman is sitting on the floor with her child in one arm and a shotgun in the other.
Police call in negotiators. They plead with her then hours later she raises the gun towards officers and tells them to leave or she'll kill them.
Cops fire 1 shot, missing her. She returns fire several times. Cops shoot again and kill her.

People are outraged cause she was killed by police cause she's black.

Are you serious? If you point a gun at a cop, you're going to be shot. Plain and simple.


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We just need more black cops then since nobody seems to care about black on black crime.


it's the media's fault. from CNN: Police in a Baltimore-area community have shot and killed an African-American woman after a standoff at an apartment complex, police said.

why in the absolute **** would this need to be stated? I don't care what you are. you point a gun at the cops, you're going to die. easy to understand.


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White person gets killed for resisting/shooting at a cop it's nothing no one riots ect, other way around **** hits the fan and the card is pulled


culver's kicks the **** out of the competition. only five guys or smashburger could probably rival it.


hey, I like bar food just as much as foie gras

and speaking of, I was hungry after our games last night and had a coupon for BOGO free whopper so I got a couple. yeah, both got crushed in one commercial break of the bachelorette (don't ask).


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Softball is Dumb
Freddy's is a mix of Steak N Shake and Culvers

I got the original double steak burger and fries.. and a PBC & B Concrete which is Fresh & creamy vanilla custard, Reese's® Peanut Butter Cup, banana, whipped cream & a cherry.

It was pretty awesome. Cost me almost $12 for everything, but I really wanted to get a try of everything they are "known" for.

I wouldn't normally get the desert for lunch, but said screw it

Will definitely get lunch from there again.


Softball is Dumb
that seems like a lot. good, but a lot.

I couldn't finish all of it. The last 1/2 of the desert went in the trash..which sucked cause it was REALLY Good. I just couldn't eat it.

The burger and fries were way better than I was expecting.