Ressy legit 16 vs watermelon


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Needs people's opinion, currently have a 16 ressy and I really really like it but want to keep an open mind to other the watermelon worth the extra $45 for a cool paint job and slightly different weighting or should I buy another ressy legit for cheaper and if it's not broke why fix it?


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Felt like the same bat to me. Resmondo felt better from the get go and Watermelon seemed to take a little more to open up. The melon was a 26.5 and the Ressy a 27


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I've swung both, and the Ressy seemed to have a lot more pop, and bigger sweet spot. Water Melon wasnt impressive at all.


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I wouldn't say I wasn't necessarily impressed, but I will say it was nothing special at all.


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My Legit was lights out after 25 hits. Teammates 200 hit watermelon doesnt even come out of his bat bag.

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Another vote here for the Ressy.

I never liked the weighting of the watermelon although it performed well;
I bought a Ressy and sold the Melon.

If you're comfortable with the Resmondo I would keep it and buy another one like I did.



Guess I'll be the lone Watermelon advocate. Opened up my Watermelon the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, couldn't put it down until I opened my Triple Crown this past Friday. Triple Crown is 27.5oz (27.2 scale weight) and my Watermelon is a 26.5oz (26.8 scale weight). I keep my Watermelon as back up for later in the day now, but it is really, really good!


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I was a worth guy. Trying to find new one. Been swinging z2k. Any help would be great. I saw I believe the ressy blue/orange was real cheap


Every ressi I've seen is hot, I regret selling mine now.
Water Mellon seems ok, but ya can't compare a now with a bat that has a lot of cuts


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my ressy is lights out... i almost sold it before it was broken in because i wanted a wm... im extremely happy that i didnt because i got it to open up and havent put it down... hottest bat ive had in a while...