Ruptured Plantar Fascia ? ????


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Was jogging in the outfield before the 1st game last week and felt like I stepped on a big rock. Played the game, in a good deal of pain, but foot swelled up really bad overnight and I couldn't walk the day after.

Went to the doctor and have an initial diagnosis of a plantar fascia rupture. MRI scheduled for next week.

I've never had any foot problems before and was wondering if any of you have dealt with this type of injury before?


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that sounds painful!!!

I haven't had a ruptured plantars facsia but I have aggrevated it. took a while to get back on track.

when you do get back into ball/sports etc, get a really good pair of orthotic soles. It's help to prevent reaggrevating the injury.
I put new soles in all my shoes and it made a big diffence for me.


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Fasciitis is hard to get past for a vast number of people. I cannot imagine what a rupture is going to be like.

What kind of shoes were you wearing? How old are they?

Are you overweight?

Do you do any weight training? If so, what kind?

Good luck on the recovery!


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I was wearing a pair of Elite turfs with less than 10 games on them.

I'm a bit thicker than I should be (6'5" and 270), but in pretty good shape. I lost about 15 pounds this off season while adding some muscle and felt great. I lift 3-4 days a week and I also practice Bikram yoga twice a week. To give you an idea of my workouts, I started Shortcut to Size a few weeks ago. Before that was Starr's 5x5. I'll happily admit I'm not the most knowledgeable about workouts and rely on my lifting partner to come up with routines.


Would like to revive this thread as it recently happened to me.
Recovery time, rehab, what to expect from fellow afflicted softballers.
Lots of info/vids on the web but not specific to softball.


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happened to me in November 3-4 years ago. Wasn't a complete tear and I was ready to go but the next march/April! Is bought the pro stretch and use it before every activity now and haven’t had a problem since…..


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Ok, 4 months or so. Thanks for the tip about the pro stretch. Kinda like the stretch with heels off a step.

Seems to not be any pain when swinging but the push off walking is still little tender at the arch.
Heel pain went away.
Standing for hours gets a little feedback.
Bruising gone and the tight "string" under my arch is gone.
See what happens in the pickup game tomorrow ha ha.