Swinging bunt 2015, April 25-26


My Dixie Wrecked
"The 2015 Swinging Bunt Tourney is filled to capacity. We will have a Wait List posted on the site shortly. I will be sending out emails this week to players chosen as captains this year. Please respond promptly if you receive that email."


Addicted to Softballfans
Last year I slept in my car AND tore something. I hope this year goes better. It'd be difficult for it to go WORSE!!!


Addicted to Softballfans
Shouldnt this be 40 pages long and filled with accusations and accounts of bunts gone passed. Not to mention all the plans of drinking and hitting on teammates. I feel this year is lacking already. I better see something crazy down there cause the board let me down. Like the weather has been


Dying of WTP Disease
Its usually the Minnesota guys talking crap, there must a blizzard up there and knocked all their power out.


OG Midget Mafia
Bat For Sale

I will most likely have my 26oz OG Utrip Avarice for sale or trade this weekend.
It's got a couple hundred hits on it. Just starting to develop tracking.
Hit me up if you're interested. Team 9.