Swinging bunt 2015, April 25-26

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I'll be in thursday/friday night, off to louisiana for a wedding saturday...........any good breweries, food, hookers, etc.....


It's Houston, there is nothing good there unless you like being in an episode of Cops.
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I'll be in thursday/friday night, off to louisiana for a wedding saturday...........any good breweries, food, hookers, etc.....

Breweries - Saint Arnold's, 8th Wonder, Karbach, Buffalo Bayou. Not sure how many of them do tours during the week though.

Food - Brennan's, Pappasitos, Pappadeaux, Pappas BBQ (don't ask me why they're obsessed with the prefix Pappa-) El Tiempo Cantina, Torchy's Tacos, Lankford Grocery, Star Pizza (don't get the deep dish unless you want to be insulted), Del Frisco's, Barnaby's, Vic and Anthony's, Guadalajara, Niko Nikos. That's a huge spectrum of cuisine types and prices, but they're all good.

Hookers - no fistbumping for me, so I don't know how to find those.


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I'm in. I think this is my 5th year. Probably the only tourney I'll get to play this year. The older my kids get the more and more stuff they get into the less and less I get to get out of the house for. Lol.


I want to play this year. Haven't participated in 2 yrs. Emailed the bunt directly to see if I should register as a returning player or new player but never got a response back. Do any of you jerks have a suggestion?

I'll be there. Hopefully THIS year I don't tear my groin...or anything else, for that matter.

What are the odds on one or both of us tearing something vital?


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Signed up and paid for. And so begins the one month out of the year I pay attention to this forum.


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I'm in... Hopefully I hit better than last year... Hopefully whatever team I'm on isn't hitting into the wind the entire tournament.


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Less than a month! I'm surprised it's not full yet but I guess it's not since you can still register on the site.

I think they keep registration open even after its full. The people who register after its full go on a waiting list in case of cancellations.


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not to rush anything but do we have any updates or information on whats up with the tournament or about jackson?


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In past years there was a player list on the website. Have not seen one yet this year

I think Dusty is holding off because the last several years there's been so many players drop and then others sogn up to fill their spot. its honestly a waste of time until about 2-3 weeks out.


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Less than a month before I have to watch Shell struggle hitting a softball and throwing strikes.