Thread for Players in Iowa


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I'll be in Ft madison and Keosauqua area from June 22 to the 28th. I was looking to play a league night game just to meet new people from the boards.
I live east of CB about 20 miles play mostly E-REC moved here from Portland miss the 7 million dollar complex we played on out there. We sometimes have tourneys in Avoca and Shelby and league but not nearly enough.
If you need a pick up in the area I play 3rd/SS don't do it all the time but hit 2 out this past week in the same game over 280 and have hit some out in Avoca over 325 with 44/375 Trump Evils or Rebok using.

non-juiced bats, including demarini b-52, demolition, and the one, miken nrg,worth mutant, feak 98, freak nxt and a few more.
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Any early bird tournament's going on? Checked out a few websites but nothing seems to be updated yet.


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Waterloo,cf, and waverly area
Looking for some players to fill roster for upcoming season/tourney and state team. If anyone is interested pm me some info and maybe we can get you in a tourney over off season and test the waters we will be going to the upcoming dome tourney in Burlington iowa.