TRX training....


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I've recently switched gyms and the new gym I go to now has TRX cables. I've always been curious about it but have never tried it. Has anyone tried them and if so did you notice a difference in core strength? Also curious what are some good exercises to do for the core and using TRX?


Lots of options, I would go to Youtube if I were you and see what you can learn on there. TRX Facebook page may have some ideas too. It is not an endall training tool, use it in conjunction with the basics.


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I was very interested in TRX trainings but i don't know enough information related to it. Fee of the coach is not affordable for me. So, I buy TRX and start training at home to follow because after exploring this site and i felt this is best site which contained all guideline regarding all kinds of TRX Training. Therefore, I like to mentioned here.